Thursday, July 4, 2013

Book Stacks

I am a repeat offender.
I love to stack books.  This book stack holds a statue the Hubs got years ago.  Makes it larger and gives it more presence.
Do you stack books?

Little decorating changes, make one today. 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Makeup I love -- IT Cosmetics -- Maybelline Baby Lips

Makeup I am loving. 
The other day I ordered some IT Cosmetics, the Celebration Foundation (actually ordered 2 - one for my daughter), and I Love It!!!!  Quick fast and easy.  I haven't worn a foundation in years, and this one I love. 
Next, Maybelline, one of the first cosmetics I ever purchased.  In fact, years ago when I started wearing eyeshadow, my first color was a brown and it was Maybelline.  So, when looking for a new shadow the other day, I saw their Chic naturals in Dusk, a pink and a dark brown, Love Them!!!!
Speaking of love, their Baby Lips are great.  I have 2 colors.  Light, easy to wear, and wear well.
More lips, I love the Burt's Bees, tinted lip balm in Honeysuckle (can you tell I love a neutral).
Carmex -- seriously, have loved it for years. Anyone remember when it came in a little ceramic pot?


This is not a paid post, just stuff I love.  As to the foundation, everyone uses what works for them.  The others super inexpensive, and fun lift to your day. 
Enjoy your Wednesday.