Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bathroom Must Haves

It is official --- I have become my mother. I have a fan in my bathroom.   

Seriously, below are a few of my must haves.  

I love the red pad,it is really a pad for hot pots but I rest my curling iron on it when I am using it.  The holder came from Target and it holds my items as they cool down. The fan ---- just keeps the super tiny bathroom bearable. 

Art.  I have to have art in my bathroom.  I love black and whites. The top one is a framed postcard. The bottom is an enlarged photo printed at Costco.  
Ruffled ombré shower curtain, found at Home Goods.  
Black toilet seat --Walmart.  
Oh and last but not least, old nasty tile painted black. 

This is a very tiny bathroom, the door hits the toilet.  But it functions fine.  

What are your bathroom must haves? 

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