Saturday, November 30, 2013

Fur Chair -- No Sew, Throw and Go!

I love a fur chair, I did one in a DIY post that my daughter uses in her room.

I call this one, No Sew -- Throw and Go (and it is a throw-- below)  rhyming accidental.

I ran across this picture in my inspiration file, and it said:  Bertelson Bookcase.  I am sorry I don't know where the pic is from.  But, I love the chair.  It looks like a giant fur just thrown over an old chair.  So I went looking for inspiration below.

Sorry for the not so good pic.  Don't know why everything is fuzzy lately.  Anyway, inspiration.  I had this old furry looking blanket, and threw it on the chair with a fur pillow.  Ready to go.  Comfy too.

I am thinking about doing this to an old rolling office chair.  This is just a Walgreens $15 blanket that was left around the house.
 Chair below is covered in a toile fabric.  Kind of tired of it, but will revisit it again in the summer. 

Are you decorating for Christmas yet?

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