Thursday, November 28, 2013

Martha Stewart Silver Metallic Paint on a Dresser

Happy Thanksgiving.  I hope wherever you are, you get to take a minute for yourself and enjoy anything you find special.
If you have some left over time and want to contemplate a project.....below is one I did....dare I say almost a year ago.
I can't believe it has been over a year since I painted this dresser silver.  I posted about it in our office upgrade, so I thought I would bring it back front and center again.  Sorry I don't have the before but trust me when I say it was a sad old dresser with great lines.  Brown with water marks, scratches, fingernail polish droppings, etc.

I have always loved the silver painted furniture, so while browsing Home Depot, I ran across this paint.  It is Martha Stewart Living.  Two coats and one jar, there is some left for touch ups.  The coverage is great, allows a hint of brown to poke through as wood grain.  Deep coverage, and looks amazing.  The way it wears?  It has been almost a year since I painted it, and I have yet to do any touch ups.  It has been in the bedroom, and now in the office to hold my jewelry supplies.  Can I just say I love it. 

As to painting this piece, I scuffed it lightly with fine grit sandpaper, and washed it well with vinegar and water, then let it dry.  I wanted the antique look like you see in Pier One, etc. 

I have enough left to possibly paint the legs on the desk you have seen in photos.  Hmmmm.  More projects.

The paint color is Thundercloud.
Martha Stewart Living Metallic Paint.  Love it.
Not a paid post, I just love this paint.  I used the copper on a highboy, (again an older post) and can I say love as well.

Happy Thanksgiving.  Remember, it is not what you want, it is what you have.  Enjoy the small things.

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