Monday, December 2, 2013

Garden Dreaming in Winter -- Water Troughs for your Above Ground Garden

I am garden dreaming on Cyber Monday. 

You have seen pictures of my garden in the past.  I love to label the walls with chalk where the veggies are planted.  Well it is time for some winter garden dreaming.  Scroll down.
 Planted and labeled in the past.
 I love fresh veggies.
This is looking to the left instead of the right.  It gets better sunlight.
My brother-in-law was removing these from an installation and he asked if we wanted a couple, and the dirt, we said yes.
Two hugh half round water troughs.  Hmmmmmm.  How will I put them?  What will I plant? How will I fill them, that dirt pile doesn't look like enough.  I love above ground gardens. 
Best part, sharing my bounty with family.  On some of the warmer days, I think I will get to preparing them.  Yep, early.  A girl can dream.

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