Saturday, February 22, 2014

Happy Birthday..........

Happy Birthday (tomorrow) to my daughter.  One of the most amazing people I know.

If you are reading this, hey, thanks for reading my blog....This IS your Birthday Card!!  :)

To the hubs who is probably reading this, but only because I set his computer to my blog as his home page, (just kidding)  you are the greatest (not kidding about that).

To both of you, I love you.

Now for the CARD.


You have taught me never to settle, and you continually inspire me.  Thus, your birthday gift.

You have brought more into my life, than I have probably brought into yours.

You don't settle for anything, and always strive for the best.....Keep NOT Settling!!

You have the most amazing road ahead of you, your Dad and I will be right there beside you, annoying you and living vicariously through you........ahhhh the pressures of an only child.

Through you I have started my jewelry, and I do enjoy it.  Keep inspiring me and challenging me, and giving me those great ideas.

Through you I have learned to look closer and through and around things. (Thus, the setting of your gift -- ask me).

You are my greatest accomplishment, and I am proud of you every day.

What can I say, but Happy Birthday, quietly, not making a big deal.

Huge Hugs.  Oh, and XOXO.

Oh, and Klaus, boy was he jealous of your gift.


The L24.

In process after choosing the setting and stone.   Yes, I drove our guy crazy.  Oh, and you kept calling. 

Oxidizing, just add Chemistry, who knew?  Oh, probably you.  :).  Yes, Klaus had an egg.  Not one of these, but his own.
The L24.

Happy Birthday, We Love You!!!!.......Mom and Dad, and Klaus.


  1. Most beautiful ring. I love it! Thanks, Mom! I love you! You've been my biggest fan and I'm so grateful for having someone who supports my crazy dreams and crazier personality.