Friday, February 7, 2014

Porch -- Portal --Lanai

No matter where you live, a bit of porch is perfect all year long.  Especially perfect in the summertime, or when you want to sit out and watch it rain or snow.  For many years our porch wasn't covered, it was simply rocks/bricks/grass and a table with an umbrella.  We did build this portal several years ago, and have enjoyed it so much. 

We put in the lights around the top about 3 years ago, and they make it bright and fun. 

Here is a long porch view.
Simple globe Christmas Lights, stapled to the top of the beams.
We have several of these firepots.  Love their ambiance.  I love to watch the sunset from the porch.  Just a hint of blue/pink peaking through from the last of the sunset.

As with any appliance that uses fire -- please keep away from kids/animals, and use safely.

Summertime dreaming.  How are you getting your porch/portal/lanai ready?

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