Saturday, March 15, 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Garden's past, present, and future.
I am anxiously awaiting gardening season this year.

The garden below is from a few years ago.

Drop down to see what we are planning and the changes for this year.

You are at the present.  These giant troughs came from a restaurant and we are moving the garden into them.

Can't wait.  It gets better, I am having some free garden dirt delivered today.  I have a big pile that came out of the troughs, and I will probably have to buy some. 

For the future, I ordered all my plants from Gurneys this year, they have great deals.
The strawberries arrived.
I have several pots from previous gardens, I am going to stack 2 or 3 high, and hopefully they will look like the below pic.
I found this strawberry tower on the Bonnie Plants.  I am going to try it, I have tried strawberry pots, but they never work that great for me.  This way, I can net if I need to keep the birds out.
How is your garden shaping up?

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