Sunday, March 30, 2014

Planting Strawberries -- DIY Strawberry Tower

This year I decided to order my plants from Gurneys.  I have ordered quite a bit, and they arrive in time for planting in my zone.  Love that.

The strawberries arrived last week.

It was super cold and windy, so I kept them in their bag (bare root) in the garage.  When I was ready to plant, I soaked the roots for a good 2 hours like the instructions said.

While they were soaking, I made a DIY Strawberry Tower (I have never had much luck with Strawberry Pots).
Planted 50 plants.  I have my strawberry towers clustered so I can easily net them should I have bird issues.  (Birds trying to eat them).
A couple of days later they are budding up.
The Hubs has used this dirt and brought in more to fill the 4 troughs and they are now ready to plant.
In the meantime it has been a super long week for the Hubs.  This cute little guy Klaus decided to practice "indescriminate dining" on some dirt clods and upset his little stomach.  Yes, he has to take antibiotics.  Then both him and the Hubs got bit by a bee.  What a week.


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