Saturday, May 24, 2014

Easy Weekend Cooking - Chicken and Waffles - Paleo Nachos - Pizza - Taco Casserole

Have fun with your food this weekend.  Less cooking, more enjoying.

1.  Chicken and Waffles.
I did make the waffles, (pancake box batter and my own waffle maker).  However, Trader Joes has a
great frozen waffle. 
Trader Joes Frozen Chicken.
Butter, syrup.
Fast and simple.

2.  Paleo Nachos.
Bag of sweet potato waffle fries.
Left over taco meat.
Can of pinto beans.
Jar of queso or shredded cheese.
Yum.  Fun and fast.
3.  Pizza.
Trader Joes Naan Bread.
Prego Pizza Sauce.
Pizza cheese, and any toppings you want.

I have to admit, our favorite way to do the Naan bread, is to just heat, butter, garlic powder/salt, and pizza cheese.  Yep, cheese toast.

 4.  Leftover surprise -- Taco Casserole.
My mom used to call it......taco laco.
Taco meant, pinto beans, spanish rice (I use the bag kind and add some white rice to it so it isn't so salty and heavy with spice).  Taco chips, or in my case, left over corn tortillas, heated in an oven until kind of crisp.
Fun bowl. 

Cooking doesn't have to be hard.  Start small and then expand your skills. 
Leftovers can be changed.  Think differently with your leftovers. 

I know home economics (home-ec) isn't really offered anymore.  It was well on its way out when I was in school.  But, there are some tricks.

Hamburger, freeze it raw.  Then after you cook it, you can refreeze it.  Yep, you have chemically changed it and it can be refrozen.  I like to cook big batches of hamburger, then freeze flat in a zip bag and pull out what you need.  You can make tacos, sloppy joes, nachos, chli, taco burgers (some people call these loose meat sandwiches).  When I was in school they were just taco burgers, (taco meat and cheese on hamburger bun). 

Same with chicken.  If it is frozen raw, then cooked the cooked chicken can be refrozen.

I like to poach 6 or more chicken breasts -- just water only when I poach.  Then cool, cut and freeze, in large 2' x 2" chunks.  Then, chicken is ready for stir fry, enchilladas, chicken bowls, tacos, nachos, your choice.

Give cooking a try.

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