Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sparkle Baby -- Sparkling Beverages

Ahh, the joys of a patio. 
It seems like everyone is trying to give up soda.  I am no exception.
My easy fix, -----Sparkling Seltzer Water, and Perrier.
I add a bit of it to everything.  Here it is added to a cherry limeaid, by True Lime, 0 calories.
I also add a bit (as always to taste- just try)...anyway, add it to iced tea, like a peach or berry tea.

Perrier with a twis of lemon or lime is great too.  Love the fizz.  You can also add your Perrier to
your lemonade drinks and tea as well.

For me it is the fizz in soda I like.

Want a cocktail feel, without the alcohol?  Remember club soda and lime? 
Very retro, super cool, tart and tangy.  Serve in a highball glass.

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