Friday, June 6, 2014

Jockey Slipshorts -- Playground Pants for Women

Last year I hunted all over for these.  They are called Jockey Slipshorts, and are the greatest thing ever.

They are think like a slip, but made like a bike short, super thin and comfy won't show and won't add any bulk, keep your inner thighs nice dry and chafe free.  They come long and short, and now, to my great surprise they come in colors.   You can wear under pants, I just always have worn with dresses.

These are the greatest things ever.  No, not a paid endorsement.  I just love these.

Jockey is having a contest, if you are a contest kind of person.  

If not, and you want a great price, Kohl's has great prices in store and on the internet.

So now you are asking yourself why would I want these?

Are you crazy?  Think, playground pants for adults.  Greatest invention ever. 

Happy Friday, and you're welcome.

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