Saturday, July 12, 2014

Freezing Fruit

I know Home-ec isn't really taught anymore.  It wasn't really taught when I was in school either. 

So here is a quick home-ec lesson.  

Strawberries and Cherries freeze great. 

Our cherry tree put off a ton of cherries. Some we ate, made a couple of pies, gave tons away and had leftovers. 

We washed, pitted and froze for later. 

Now it is strawberry season.  

New batch ready to pick. 

Some to eat, to share, to freeze. 

Wash, dry, remove stems, freeze. 

Fresh smoothies here we come. 

If you are at the Farmer's Market and there are some great deals on fruit and you just don't eat it all.  Think freeze. 




Our frozen cherries above.

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