Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summa -- Summer Time Reading

What is on your nightstand?  My Kindle
What is in your purse?  My Phone
Where/how do you read?  On my Kindle, and on my Phone when waiting in line.

Physical Books?  Not much anymore, but my daughter is an avid physical book only reader.
Kindle?  Yep, a Kindle Keyboard -- Love it.
Nook? Nope.
Ipad?  The Hubs loves his.
Phone?  Yep, when waiting in line.

Do you still visit the Library?

I have to admit, I had a "You've Got Mail" moment the other day.  I had visited my Library's online area and hit "Hold" on several books for my Kindle -- the Kindle Keyboard LOVE IT!  My "You've Got Mail" moment was when I got mail from my library and didn't know which of the Holds it was.

It was Lis Whiel "Snapshot".  Very excited to read it, and the fun of the whole, which book was it, was great as well.  The Kindle made it simple, simply checked out and download through Amazon, (thank you Amazon for making it so easy all over wifi).

I also love that what the Hubs reads, I can share.

So, what/how when do you read.

Klaus - the Morkie.... Not reading, but looking good.   He likes reading best when his owners are reading on the patio and he can bark at the neighbor dogs, and chase birds, squirrels, and rabbits.

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