Saturday, August 2, 2014

Jennifer Fisher's House -- Great Inspiration

I totally apologize, as I have no idea where these photos came from.  But, I can tell you whose house they are.  They are Jewelry Designer Jennifer Fisher's house.

The hubs and I have been tackling a few projects lately, just sprucing stuff up, and these came to me for inspiration.

First can I just say, glass closet doors are genius.  

I have a side by side, accordion style closet.  I can just imagine laying in bed and planning my wardrobe.  Maybe some spotlights, or can lights.  

Art and leopard/cheetah.  Need I say more?  Oh, leather chairs...more said.
Seriously, I love everything about this room.

The chairs, the art.  Ok, the art.  Yes, it deserves two mentions.  The gallery wall.
The rug.

And her jewelry and story is amazing as well.

Happy Saturday.

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