Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Inspired by Elena's Horse Picture -- Inspired by The Vampire Diaries

Quick update on what I am working on.  I am a big "inspired by" person.   Not a copy, but an inspiration, a feeling, a mood.
My latest "inspired by" is an art piece.   I love the art over Elena's bed in The Vampire Diaries.  It is called "Lock and Load" by Mary Leslie.

See below.

Now, I do want to preface this by saying "Inspired By" does not mean copying or infringing on an Artists Copyright.  I am a firm believer in an Artists Copyright.

So my "Inspired By", is old.  In college I took a black and white photography class. Around the block from my house, there was this house that had all these old broken and battered mechanical horses.

The picture I took at the time was a long line of them like 6, not heavily cropped, but very heavy on the contrast.  What I am looking for is a muted feeling of a horse.

I did do a copy shot of my original picture. (I am sure the negative is in a box in my garage).  Currently cringing as my garage is such a mess.

I am in the process of editing it.

Now to choose.

Or B.

I haven't chosen yet.  It be determined.

When I do choose, I will take it to Costco and get the biggest print I can, and as it is old and a copy shot of my work, it may be a little grainy.  I will take that.  I am thinking kind of a huge ornate frame.  Hmmmm.

I will post the finished project.

Inspire yourself.

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  1. I want one of B! I remember this photo always being on display in our house. NEED IT.